Chicken Tunnels, Part 2

Our chicken tunnels became a reality this weekend.

DH spent most of the day on Saturday measuring and building the last of the enclosure and new ramp.

We put the access door on the inside of the ‘grow up coop,’ as a slide up door.  It slides out, and then little ones can go outside at will now.

The first day was difficult for them, because they couldn’t figure out how to go up the ramp and I think they spent a good 4 hours outdoors with no access to water or their food because they wouldn’t go up the ramp.

Little Dude actually squeezed himself into the small chicken door and into the enclosure to “help” them learn the ramp.

Yesterday, we just opened it and let them go on their own. They all did fine.


They really do seem to like it and the new found freedom it allow.

And I’m enjoying the chance to see how this change in venue brings out their personalities.  The 6 little boys spent the first day having ‘rooster races’ from one end of the tunnel system to the next.   The girls explored and scratched in the dirt.

Black Jack and Dots got to “face off” on opposite sides of the fence.  Jack in definitely an alpha rooster, and Dots definitely sees him as a tiny little nemesis.  They pace, crow at each other… and there is lots of bluster back and forth.

A part of me would love to keep Black Jack.  He’s a beautiful boy and very friendly otherwise.

But a part of me thinks he and Dots will have an all out war once integration happens.  And let’s face it… integration is going to happen.  I’m aiming for sometime in the 14-17  week range, so that’s really only about a month and a half away.

Does anyone want a beautiful Australorp rooster?  10 weeks old, very friendly and handsome?



5 thoughts on “Chicken Tunnels, Part 2

  1. Oh if I was nearer to you (like on the same continent), I would take him in a flash!! Although two of my roosters had a rare serious fight today, found one in a corner with a bleeding comb… So maybe another rooster would not be a good idea!

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  2. Aside from the continental difference, I think one black Australorp rooster is enough for my small flock! I’m sure Black Jack will turn out gorgeous though. It’s a pity he can’t just quietly mind his own business. I hope you can find a good home for him if you need to. The longer you keep him, the more beautiful he’ll get and the more likely you’ll be to want to keep him! 😉

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    1. He’s not going to quietly mind his own business. I was locking up the coop tonight and picked up one of the big hens. Jack was in the roost near her, but in the other side of the fence. He ‘growled’ at me for picking her up.

      I told him “be quiet. This is Dots’ girl, not yours” and he growled some more.

      Cocky little upstart.


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