Happy Birthday Rhodies!

My Rhode Island Red hens turned five years old today. Next to Double Dots, they are my oldest birds.

My Girl decided that her favorite chicken needed a little ‘present’ for her birthday, and so yes, Maicey is wearing a pretty necklace. (Don’t worry, we took it off after her photoshoot.)

There was also some left over fajitas from our Cinco de Mayo dinner, that Maicey generous shared with the flock.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Rhodies!

    1. I feed them a mix of Dumor’s Layer pellets and layer mash mix from a local feed store. I’ll admit the Dumor’s is cheap and people say there is better but they do well with the mix. The feed store stuff is the best though. They also free range and get the occasional table scraps.

      I have been losing at least one older hen a year , usually in the winter. We lost Dots’ sister Abby last year. But he is still going strong and still a big love.


      1. I am in France and little choice re food. I feed a mix of seed. They absolute hate the pellets and just toss them out! Difficult but with the hens it seems genetics plays the biggest part.

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      2. Mine like the pellets, and the feed store mash has oats, cracked corn and some seeds in it in small doses. In the winter I mix in black oil sunflower seeds, too.

        I agree. Genetics and breed play a big factor.


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