Five Weeks Old, so What Are We?

OMG! A week-aversary post that’s actually on time!!!

Buff Orpington Chicks - 5 Weeks Old
Buff Orpington Chicks – 5 Weeks Old

The babies

Black Australorp chicks - 5 weeks old
Black Australorp chicks – 5 weeks old

These Littles will all be moving up to a bigger ‘grow up’ coop soon (hopefully by next Saturday.  Today, I thought we’d play a little game of “Hen or Roo.”  i took the best pics I could given I was the only one around this morning to take them, and the chicks were lively.

Leave a comment and tell me what you think they are, little hen, or little roo?  Personally, I think #1 is kind of obvious.

Australorps – 5 Weeks – Hen or Roo?  

Buff Orpington – 5 Weeks – Hen or Roo?

Leave your guesses in the comments.  The answers will be revealed as soon as I figure it out myself!



18 thoughts on “Five Weeks Old, so What Are We?

  1. Oooh fun!! 😀 Ok – black ones: rooster, hen, hen, rooster, hen, hen! Buff ones: Hen, rooster, rooster, hen, rooster, rooster! Total guess 😛

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  2. my guess is that at least # 1 and # 9 are roos. I have some black australorp hens and I remember they all had combs when they were young, but I knew going in that they were all hens. But your # 1 has a redder comb so I think that one is a rooster. Black Australorps are awesome egg layers, by the way. I have 4 and they are great. I used to have a buff orpington rooster, but never any hens of that kind, so I don’t know how to tell what yours are. But I think that # 9 is a rooster because his comb seems darker. You may have more than those two that are roosters, but those are my guesses. 🙂

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    1. I have 2 of the Orpingtons who play fight and go head to head a LOT, so I am guessing they are boys. They are all beautiful birds, though.


    2. Replying again to add, were the Australorps you raised very flighty it skittish as chicks? Ours are. I have a hard time picking them up/petting them because they get scared easily and won’t hold still.


    1. There turned out to be 6 roosters out of the bunch. One of them was so beautiful I found him a home so I didn’t have to put him in our freezer.

      Thank you for stopping by! 🙂


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