Ashley’s Babies Have Names 

I’d like to formally introduce you to…

It’s true.  Felicia is growing more and more to look and act like a little roo-ling.  I just can’t bring myself to call him Felix, so Felicia he remains.

Miracle Maxie

My little Miracle Max… or Maxie. Who looks scarily like a female version of Dots.

The Dalmies… so named because of their Dalmatian-esque color scheme… have been given Dalmatian worth names…  this one is Pongo, named after the father dog in 101 Dalmatians.   Pongo is mostly white,with the black spots on the back, tail and neck,but is growing up to have a slightly smokey grey color in the head and neck.

I am uncertain if Pongo is just in need of a bath or if this is a really cool color variant.  Since none of the others look dirty, I have to hope it’s the latter. 😉

Dalmie #2 is named after the female Dalmation… Perdita, or Perdie.   Like Pongo, she has black splotches on her back, neck and tail.  But rather than the smokey grey, Perdie has gold/red in her neck and chest feathers.   It’s really kind of neat!

The gold/red is the same color as my sexlinks… Abby and the Mystery Bin girls.  If we’re right in thinking that Pongo and Perdie are Pip’s babies, then this is his sexlink heritage coming out in Perdie.

Aren’t barnyard mixes interesting? You really never know what you’re going to get!


2 thoughts on “Ashley’s Babies Have Names 

  1. I really am sorry to be right about Felicia’s roo-ness. He’s a pretty gingernut! Crazy Max definitely looks like a girl, but those wing colours just dumbfound me. It’s odd for a female to have such a concentration of red in the wings, so Max must be special. But we already knew that. 🙂 The Dalmies are pretty. Love Perdie’s delicate red lacing and Pongo is not dirty, the darker head and neck colour is the Orpington coming through. 😉 If you Google ‘splash orpington’, you will see that they tend to be slightly darker in the head and neck. It’s more pronounced in blue Orpingtons. They’re all looking good and it looks like you might have a good hen:rooster ratio there!

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  2. I had my thoughts about Felicia from the start, but a friend who was visiting when they were hatched wanted to name one Felicia, and the little nom-white was the easiest to single out at that point. In the last week and a half, he’s sprouted up taller than the others and moved into what I call the ‘sulky teenager’ stage. He doesn’t sleep with them anymore and spends more of his outdoor time alone watching Pip or Dots from a distance. If the three others are outside he sometimes goes over to them and makes attempts ‘be the man’ of their little sub-flock. Pavel often joins them. Yesterday he made an attempt at tidbiting for Pavel and Max. But in between attempts he sulks in a laying bed it goes outside and stands there looking awkward. Pip and Dani both did that, too, so it’s either a familial trait they picked up somewhere or just a rooster thing. The hens don’t do it.

    Max is definitely special. Those wings are all Dots and his brothers. I was expecting a rooster, too, but as Max matures I don’t see it. No saddle feathers, the comb and wattles are small, and the behavior is definitely hen-like. It just must be something about her sexlinked heritage.

    I’m not going to complain, though. It feels nice having white chickens in the barn yard again. I miss Dots’ rowdy crazy brothers. Looking out into the barnyard and seeing a sea of white bird playing in the grass. They had such personality and presence. I do miss them, even though it isn’t logical to have that many roosters.
    So I’m very glad some of the newer generations are getting to be white. Or white-is in this case.

    I was pleasantly delighted to see Perdie’s lacing, too. Eugenie has some on her back, but it’s not the red/gold. Hers is tan, rather like a lightened version of Max’s brown wing coloring. Just faint and tan, not pronounced at all.

    Is that what ‘Splash’ is? I’ve wondered! I won’t give Pongo a bath, then.


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