Frost and Snow

Going to start off with an update on my Silkie boy, Frost. Or Frosty the Snow Chicken, as I call him.

Yesterday, his poor eyes kept closing up and I feared that he was going to lose one or both of them if the Vetricyn didn’t have the chance to work. Got up this morning and they were both stuck shut again.

Or still. It’s hard to tell.

I gave him 2 sprays in/on each eye. One to help open them and one to help heal.

I am please to report that he’s managed to keep them open all day. Is eating fine and is giving me an acceptable amount of rooster attitude.

Those are good signs. ❤️

Frost, in his cage on our porch.
Giving me the accepted amount of attitude for a boy in a cage.

I’m betting he’s missing the coop and his flockmates right about now. Maybe not the bully rooster, but everyone else.

But then… He doesn’t know about this…

The chickens were NOT impressed. In fact, they were kind of the opposite of impressed.

Also, watching them navigate the ramp was funny.

The Poor Chickens

… went to roost last night to a green pasture and some light rain.  

They woke up to this:

Needless to say, none of them are happy. Poor babies!

I sprinkled the run and ramp with straw and left their breakfast dish out there.  

Door is open if anyone wants to go in and out.  

Winter is here, birdies.  

How Do Chickens Cross The Snow?

Sharing more of the chickens attempts to enjoy their new fenced in pasture despite the freakish appearance of more snow.  This was the scene this morning when I let them outside…

IMG_7864[1] IMG_7863[1] IMG_7871[1]  My poor girls!  There was a strip of grass on the other side of the run, too, but it was blocked by this sea of white stuff.  And as you can see, Abby had enough trouble figuring out how to get off the steps without dipping her toes in the cold.  (Funny, she had no problem getting up there.  It was the ‘down’ and ‘back to the coop’ that gave her fits.  I ended up picking her up and carrying her in!)