Numbers, Names and (hopefully) No More Broody

imageimage This morning, I took a step towards being able to better identify my hens. More specifically, to identify the Rhode Island Reds who all look the same. I’ve got some who are lighter colored than the others but for the most part, they all look alike.

To combat this, I got some numbered legs bands.  We gave each hen a number and assigned a name to it.

#1, as seen here, is my sweet little Abigail, who was the easiest to do because she spent the night (her second) in the broody crate.  #2 and #3 are her gold sexlink sisters, Rebecca and Ava.

My Girl, Little Dude and I spent some time this morning numbering and naming each of the others, so they can have a name other than the generic ‘hennies’ which is what we’ve been calling them.  Dad still insists he’s going to call them all ‘Henrietta.’

4-16 are Jolene, Henrietta, Maicey, Penelope (Penny), Julia, Celcelia, Madison (aka Motor Mouth), Dottie, Ryley, Amy, Claire, Sara and Wilda.

After each girl received her bracelet, we turned them lose in the barnyard to do their usual morning routine.

Since Abby was first, we were also watching to see what she would do. Would she go running back to her favorite laying box to brood?  Or was she finally over it.  Usually, it takes her all of five minutes to return to the coop and her laying box.  This is why she’s spent two nights and two days in the ‘crate of shame.’

Today, though, she did NOT return to the coop.  Little Dude and I finished the morning chores of cleaning the beds and filling the waterers, and … no Abby.

We were down there roughly an hour, and she was the first hen outside because she got her bracelet first.  The past couple of days, she’s high-tailed it back to the laying boxes as soon as she thought I wasn’t looking (which was comical to watch because I think she knew I was watching).

Dare I assume that she’s over it now and may soon resume her job of laying eggs?




Yesterday, my Big Girl got a name.

Little Dude and I were cleaning the cage and I was finally able to pick her up.  For the first time.  She freaked at first, and I had to spend some time talking and petty her.  I took her to the new coop, which is almost finished and waiting for them to be big enough to enjoy it, and showed her around.

Little Dude says to me, “we should call her Abigail.”

I asked her, “what do you think?  Is Abigail a good name?”  She listened.  She looked up at me and seemed to understand.  I’ve always known she was a smart girl.  Now she has a name and she does look when I talk to her.

I’m thinking about calling the smaller girl Rebecca.  I just hope they still look different enough to tell apart when they’re bigger.