Pavelle’s Littles on their Own

While I was away having my surgery and recuperating, Pavelle finally decided to go back to Hen Things and leave her little not-so-littles to their own devices.

I have not seen them much since my surgery because I was still really, really sore.   But now that I’m able to look at them and take pictures of them.   I have plenty, because I want to take a stab at Hen or Roo.

First, here are the group shots, because they hang around a LOT together.

Now here are the individual pics:

Feather Butt, who still has tiny tufts of feathers on his/her legs.  Also, LOOK!   FF is growing CHEEKS!  Like Pavelle’s fluffy cheeks!

A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking rooster for this little one, but after a week+ of growth and not seeing them… I’m seeing more of a little pullet in Feather Butt’s mannerisms now. Also, her comb is smaller than Mini-Pav’s (which you will see soon) and reminds me more of Pavelle as a young hen.

Mini-Pav is looking a lot like a little roo.


The comb is much, much more pronounced than his momma’s ever was at that age.
And here he(she) is standing tall and at attention while the others scurry off because I scared them?  Also – wattles!!!!!

Yeah, I am thinking Mini-Pav is a little roo. What do you all think?

Eggy, the little part EE part Felix-spawn

The EE part of Eggy’s heritage is going to be hard to tell. Right now, Eggy has little-to-no comb.  No wattles.  No cheeks.

She reminds me a lot of Padme at that age, which is why I’m hoping she is a little girl.  But then again, I thought LUKE was a little Leia for a while, too.

So, what do we think readers?  Wanna play a nail-biting game of Hen or Roo with the babies?  They are 7 1/2 weeks now.



4 thoughts on “Pavelle’s Littles on their Own

  1. Yes, I do! I do! I was just looking back at the photos in the week 1 post and I was gonna say I’m sticking with my original guesses (from a different post), until I realised I hadn’t guessed what I thought I’d guessed for Feather Butt. Hehe my second look at the one-week-olds without remembering what I guessed left me with a different guess for Feather Butt. Whoops! I’ve always thought Mini-Pav was a boy (a pity because I think he’s the prettiest) and Eggy was a girl, and I’m still pretty sure about those two, but I think Feather Butt might be a girl too. I hope so! I also think it might be time for me to go to bed as sense is starting to leave my brain. They all look lovely together and sooo big.Well done to Pavelle!
    Welcome back, Deb, I hope you get better soon. 🙂

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    1. I remember having trouble with Pavelle at that age, too. I think she was closer to 15 weeks when someone who raises Pavlovskaya’s looked through some pictures of and said she was definitely a hen. The V comb was relatively new to me. And with these chicks, I can only compare Feather Butt and Mini-Pav to their momma and compare Eggy to what Luke and Padme did.

      Feather Butt may yet be a rooster but compared to what Mini-Pav and Pavelle both look like, I’m putting my money on Hen.

      Eggy, I won’t know til (s)he cross or lays an egg.

      What did PB turn out to be?

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      1. Hmm, yes, it could be a long game again!

        PB is a very large girl. It will be interesting to see how big she ends up. My latest tricky youngster, Lorelei, the silver laced Wyandotte is now looking decidedly like a hen, so I’m breathing a sigh of relief that I get to keep my snuggle chicken.

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