Eggy, or the Egger Baby, is the last of Pavelle’s chicks.

He/she is the egg-child of Padme the Easter Egger and … well, I thought Pip, but now I’m not too sure about that.

So… what is it about Eggy that makes me suspect Pip might not be the father?

In short… color and personality.

Eggy here is a bright buff yellow, with only small EE cheeks.


So… mostly yellow chick with a yellow and black/brown momma.  Two potential fathers.

One rooster had an all yellow momma and a white papa?

The other rooster had a red momma and a white papa?

Going off looks alone, I’d have to guess Felix is Eggy’s baby daddy.

And then, there is personality.  Eggy is high strung, flighty, hard to catch, does not really relax in my hands like the other two do.

This describes Padme, yes, and could be an Easter Egger trait.  But it always describes Felix.  A lot.

Pip, not so much.  He didn’t like me pick up but when I did, he settled in because he trusted me.

Feather Butt trusts me.  Mini-Pav mostly trusts me.   Eggy is a frantic spaz.

So, based off personality, is this Pip’s chick? I don’t think so, but anything is possible.

Here is a recent shot of Momma and babies (and a fake egg that was in the nest with them).  They are 5 weeks old now and practically as big as she is!

They are also almost fully feathered out.

I believe that Pavelle will be pulling away from them soon.  Going back to doing Hen Things and not Momma things.  Today she seemed to be giving them space.  Still hanging with them – or allowing them to hang with her – but not really showing them things like she has in the past.  Letting them do their own thing.

Pavelle’s wee babies are growing up now.

3 thoughts on “Eggy

  1. Oh no, you have a nutcase feather child! I agree with you about her daddy being Felix. All that buff colouring has to come from somewhere and her face reminds me of Felix too. Sneaky Felix! And the personality, well, they don’t always turn out like their parents, but having one nutty parent pretty much guarantees some nutty offspring! I’d say it’s a good thing you didn’t keep Felix on. I do hope Eggy settles down though. She’s sitting on your hand, so that’s always a bonus. I certainly couldn’t do that with Mr Collins. The chicks are so big! Can’t wait to see photos of your other littlies.

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  2. Yes, I have another nutcase. *sigh*

    I really only ever saw Padme with either her brother or Pip. I very rarely saw Felix approach a hen to try, let alone make the connection. I guess he must have, at least once.

    I’m still waiting for Padme and Perdie (Felix’s hatch-sister) to settle down, so it is a good bet Eggy’s settle maybe a long time coming. I will work with her and hope.

    Getting her to sit in my hand was hard to do. She kept trying to jump down and I several blurry pictures to discard because she was moving around. Then I took her to meet the other set of Little’s and she just about lost it!!! Her siblings seemed to like the other babies just fine but you’d have thought I’d just shown Eggy a snake the way she reacted. And they are only 2 weeks apart!

    The other babies are a more complicated and much longer story. The short version is- they are no longer in Rapunzel’s care. We’ve been raising them in the brooder for close to 2 weeks now, which is going to make integrating and immersing them so much harder.

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