Meet the Newcomers

We had new baby chicks hatched this week, from Monday – Wednesday, but I haven’t posted pictures yet. Why not? Because there was a mix up at My Pet Chicken in the labeling of the eggs and until this afternoon, we didn’t know what kind of chicks we actually had! And there are still two unaccounted-for chicks. The good people at My Pet Chicken have reached out to the breeder to discover what they might be… with help from pictures I provided of the chicks and their eggs.

Chipmunk, a Partridge Welsummer
Un-named Columbian Wyandotte
They don’t know what I am yet, but I’m cute!
Un-Named Light Brahma
Little Goth Chick, a Svart Hona
Rocky, the only Barred Rock. We were supposed to have four of them!
They don’t know what I am either, so I’m grumpy 😡
The proud adopted momma with her chicks 🐥

I have that lovely maternity box we made for the broodies out of a repurposed cabinet.  I put her in it.  She and the chicks spent one night in there and then Rapunzel decided to move them outside, into a corner on the floor.  After fighting with her for two days, I gave up and have decided that she’s going to raise them her way, whether I like it or not.

Pavelle also rejected the cat carrier, btw, and has  her babies sleeping in one of the laying boxes at night.

This kind of ‘immersion rearing’ kind of baffles me because Abby, Claire and Ashley ALL wanted to hide their chicks away from everyone, so they welcomed the special areas I made for them.

These two broody mommas?  Want nothing to do with it.

So instead… I put out a bigger feeder for the chick feeder, a second waterer and put some straw down so Rapunzel could make a nicer nest of her own design… and took this video of Pavelle’s little Feather Butt meeting his/her little ‘cousins’ for the first time.

2 thoughts on “Meet the Newcomers

  1. Oh, cuteness! I have so many things to say! But first, I have to say I LOL when I saw your Svart Hona chick. I’ve seen pictures of those scary goth roosters online and they’re enough to scare any intruder away! How fascinating! Is it bad of me to hope it ends up being a boy? 😛 And then, the Light Brahma, star of the internet at the moment, she/he will be fascinating to watch too. We don’t have either of those breeds here. And then, I love the partridge coloured Welsummer hens. And then, oh, just so many different breeds! It’s like a chocolate box of fascinating chickens. Hope you do get some breeds that you actually want though. Do you think you can tell by the size and shape of the spot on the Barred Rock’s head what sex it is? There is some info online regarding that.

    I’m sure the mummas will be ok, they probably just like having a bit more space and maybe aren’t so strict with their chicks? It might mean you get to interact with the chicks a bit more.

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