Beautiful Little Ladies

The “Mystery Bin Girls’ turn 5 weeks old today.

What do you think? Aren’t they pretty little ladies?

16 thoughts on “Beautiful Little Ladies

    1. I know it, right? Time has just flown by, and by next week, I have to get them into the ‘big girl coop.’ Which means I need to really figure out my curtain issues too. Where does the time go?

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  1. They’re lovely! They look like Rhode Island Reds maybe? I have a hen that looks exactly the same – she lays a big brown egg every day!

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    1. Not Rhode Island Reds. We raised some of those last year, and the chicks are a darker color.

      Here are a couple of pics of last years RiR babies at a comparable age:

      (week 4 1/2)

      Week 6:

      The coloring is similar. We were told they were either “Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire Red, or ‘some kind of cross.” That was what the nice person at Tractor Supply told us. I rules out RiR because of the coloring. But they remind me of the gold sexlinks (golden comets) we had last year. That’s what I’m hoping they are~

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      1. Anyway they are nice! I suppose mine is ‘some sort of cross’ 🙂 RIRs are common here, they are often simply called ‘American chickens’ 🙂 She is probably crossed with something else. I also have her brother, he is gorgeous! Hope your pullets grow up happy and healthy x

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      2. Is love to see your rooster. If you follow this blog long, you’ll see pictures of the young rooster I call Pip. He’s my cross and I think he’s beautiful.

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  2. Is he the white/brown rooster on top of your page? He really is very handsome! I love roosters with all their colours, shame you can’t have too many together… I tried to post a few pictures of my roosters here, but I couldn’t figure out how… would you mind letting me know how you did it? Still learning WordPress! 🙂

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    1. It to tell you the truth, I don’t know about the images. I just copy&pasted the link to the lictures and put them in my comment. I figured you’d click on them, but I guess WordPress converted them to images after I hit send.

      The handsome brown/white boy in my header is Dots. He’s a golden sexlink (also called a comet) and he’s Pip’s father.

      This is Pip (a couple of weeks ago):

      he was hatched back in November, and is the result of my Dots mating with a Rhode Island Red.

      Here is he, about last week:

      He’s our first chicken who didn’t come from a hatchery or a store.


  3. I miss my chickens!!! Except for the predators I was always having to protect them from, they brought me such joy. I’m wondering if I could hide some in my yard in California. (I’m in the city) I figure if I don’t get a rooster, no one would know. Maybe?


    1. You should looking into your city zoning laws. Backward chickens Are very popular right now and a lot of cities have ordinances for small flocks.


      1. Really? I should look into it then because I found them so much fun. We do have hawks around though and coyotes, is there a trick to keeping them at bay/ Like fake owls or something?

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      2. Yea! I found this: “Oceanside, CA: Up to six chickens are permitted in residential areas, but they must be 35 feet from neighboring houses.” which wouldn’t be a problem since we have an acre and most of it faces a canyon which would give them lots of room away from neighbors. Soooo cool!

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