Still Laying For Winter?

Lots of eggs still!

I found these seven eggs in one nest yesterday, plus three more in other nests.  Plus we have one or two hens who tend to lay up in the top of the barn, in the hay mow.

Not counting those, I had ten eggs yesterday out of fourteen hens.

Not too shabby for a winter hail.


Are your our hens still laying?  If so, how many eggs are you getting?  Do you think the warmer weather this winter is affecting your chickens?


8 thoughts on “Still Laying For Winter?

  1. My hens are still laying but it’s slowed down a bit. I think the weather is confusing them a little – it is warm and then it’s cold, depending on the day. I do have a heat lamp in with them, but there are days we get 3 eggs out of the 15 hens, and some days we get around 8-9. Some of them got to maturity right around when our winter started, so I may get close to 15 a day when spring comes. (I’m hoping, anyway).


    1. The lowest I’ve had is six eggs, not counting the ones being hidden in the barn. I gather those every couple days.

      I haven’t used the heat lamps yet. It hasn’t got they cold yet here. But we have them just in case.


  2. My hens are almost 20 weeks old. They are delawares. I’m patiently waiting for the first egg! I think it will be a while.. Probably until they are 6 months? Maybe longer since it is winter and harder to lay in winter. I am very excited for my first eggs!

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    1. You may get some this winter. I have a few friends on Facebook who are getting first eggs now. It’s really exciting. 😀

      I don’t know much about Delawares but all mine (gold sexlink and Rhode Island reds) started between 20-25 weeks.

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